Nibbot International accreditation by the Mexican Society of Neuromodulation

At NIBBOT INTERNATIONAL, we are honored by the recognition granted by the Mexican Society of Neuromodulation as authorized suppliers of Low Intensity Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Li-TMS) devices.

This official endorsement not only validates the quality of our products, but also the effort and dedication of each of the members in our organization. Therefore, we also want to take the opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of each of our employees.

This recognition is also a source of inspiration to continue seeking excellence in everything we do, in addition to being a testimony of the trust placed in NIBBOT INTERNATIONAL to provide high quality products that positively impact clinical practice and scientific progress in Mexico.

For helping us in our vision of improving patient outcomes, we thank all members of the Mexican Society of Neuromodulation, the growing number of users of Nibbot technology, and all our collaborating partners. We are honored to be part of this fruitful collaboration and are excited about the future advances we will make together for the benefit of patients.

*El contenido de este sitio se ofrece a título meramente informativo y educativo, y no debe tomarse como un consejo médico de ningún tipo. Ante cualquier duda de salud o síntomas de enfermedad consulte a su médico.

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