TMS for neurorehabilitation in Mexico

During the month of July, NIBBOT was announced as the winner of the Public Tender process carried out by the Temazcalli Institute – Prevention and Rehabilitation, whose headquarters correspond to the DIF (National System for Family Development) organization.

The NIBBOT PROFESSIONAL V21 equipment, provided by NIBBOT for the institution, was accompanied by its treatment chair and rack, which will serve to inaugurate the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation area of ​​said institution in August 2021.

Accompanied by Dr. Claudia López Bustos. who tells us that in the Temazcalli institution they plan to train 3 health professionals (2 psychiatrists and a psychologist) to be able to provide treatment especially to children with ADHD and addiction problems.

The Temazcalli Institute is a leader in the prevention and rehabilitation of addictions, child and adolescent mental health, and eating disorders in the State of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. It is located at Av. Fray Diego de la Magdalena 106, Los Álamos II, Aviación Industrial 1ra Secc, 78140 San Luis, S.L.P.

We celebrate the opening of the TMS center in SLP, and we appreciate your trust in NIBBOT

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